Our Story

Family roots run deep here. Farmer Caryl’s parents originally farmed the land, as hay fields or pasture for the dairy cows.

But since 2009, Farmers Caryl and Gary have brought their own dream to life. While Farmer Gary likes to say he works harder in “retirement” than he ever did before, he loves what he does. Farmer Caryl’s desire has always been to teach the next generation to appreciate and enjoy good food.

They work together as a team. One plants, the other waters. One plans, the other changes plans. One makes a mess, the other cleans it up. They are both very social (although one doesn’t like to admit it).


Our Mission

To produce Pure food: Our farming practices are beneficial to the soil and wildlife on the farm. We use no synthetic, toxic pesticides or conventional, artificial fertilizers.

To produce Premium food:  In order to provide highly nutritional produce, we practice crop diversification, crop nutrition, and pest (weeds, insects, and disease) management processes. Crop diversification assists in pollination and pest management. Crop nutrition requires soil building and composting, and pest management promotes natural supplemental fertilization (because the healthier the plant, the fewer the pests).

To provide a Sustainable farming environment: We seek to practice sustainable agricultural processes—environmentally and socially. Sustainable practices are a way of life; it is not just a program. Environmentally, we need to carefully tend the land and preserve it for the generations that follow. Socially, we desire to encourage the current generation about the nutritional value and economic benefits of fresh food that is grown locally.