Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When are workshops scheduled?

You select your own date for a workshop. Farmer Caryl would be glad to teach a Fermenting, Kombucha, or Growing MicroGreens workshop in our Kitchen at the Farm or Home Office. Workshops can be one-on-one, or you can be a host/hostess with your guests and friends. But here's the fun part: you schedule a date that works for you!

Q2: How do we schedule a workshop? 

First, start by choosing one of the three Workshops we offer this growing season: Fermenting,  Kombucha, or Growing MicroGreens. 

Second, contact us to schedule a day and time and to talk details. Please have 2-3 optional dates available. No workshops on Sundays, please. 

Third, be the host/hostess with 4-5 guests. Here's the cost of Workshops: 

$25 per person for the Fermenting Workshop (You will have the option to purchase the Perfect Pickler Kit at an additional cost.)

$25 per person for the Kombucha Workshop

$25 per person for Growing your own MicroGreens