2017 CSA
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the CSA Start? 

A: The start dates for 2017 CSA Shares are June 1 (Spring Share), June 15 (Summer Share), and October 26 (Fall/HolidayShare). The Just One Week (J1W) Share begins July 6. 

Q: Does BT grow everything in a CSA share? 

A: Yes, BT sows, weeds, and grows all CSA produce. 

Q: Is BT’s produce USDA certified organic? 

A: While BT follows organically-grown methods, we have chosen not to become certified at this time. BT’s vegetables, berries, and herbs are grown free of all synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The only exception would be our apples, plums, and cherries that are minimally treated.  

 Q: What if I can’t pick up my share? 

A: If you, a neighbor, or a friend is unable to pick up your share at the scheduled pick-up time, BT will distribute the produce at its discretion to a local, low income household. (We have followed this practice since we started farming, and please know that this is a gift to these households and always appreciated.) 

BrynTeg needs you to have a backup plan when your schedule changes. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your share. When multiple share members ask for a changed pick-up date, BT finds it is not feasible to offer customized schedules. 

Q: What CSA should I buy?  

A: Your choice depends on how much you like to eat produce. 

The Spring Share will provide two boxes, one each week for June 1 and June 8, with early season produce: mainly asparagus, fresh herbs and greens in season. This CSA is a great way to start out the growing season. 

The Single Summer Share will provide 18 boxes, one every week from June 15 through October 14 and is generally enough for one person who has a serious produce palate, but it may be too much for another individual who only likes to consume produce periodically (or for only one meal each day). 

The Summer Share provides 18 boxes, one every week from June 15 through October 14, and is generally enough produce to feed 2 to 3 individuals who have a serious produce palate, with a little bit extra for preserving. But families of 4 or more may find the Shares to be sufficient if individual family members only consume produce periodically (or for only one meal each day). 

The Summer Share Every-Other-Week provides 9 boxes, one every other week, spanning the full season of 18 weeks from June 15 through October 14, but this option gives you more time to use up each box of vegetables/fruit/herbs before the next one comes. This CSA is the same size as the Summer Share Weekly above, but you just receive it fewer times. 

The Fall/Holiday Share provides two boxes, one in October and November.

The Just One Week provides farm friends an opportunity to have a share if they travel frequently. It's also great for someone who wants to try the CSA experience. 

Something to consider… If you think there may be too much produce for you and/or your family, you may enjoy splitting a share with another individual, couple, or family. (Just don't argue over who gets the beets each week!) 

Q: What if I need additional produce for juicing, preserving, or gatherings? 

A: You are welcome to order extra produce by contacting Farmer Caryl for requests by the pound, pecks and bushels.  

Q: Is there a fee when subscribing to a CSA on the online Farm Store? 

A: There are no fees. 

Q: May farm friends visit the farm? 

Yes. We would love to have you visit the farm! We have numerous events at the farm where all CSA members and Farm Friends are invited. If you would like to make arrangements to visit our farm at a different time, we ask that you make an appointment. 

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